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"My G Cap rocks because it is large enough to hold up my waist long hair without having the nape of my neck get wet or have little pieces of my hair fall out of the sides, thanks to the stretchy comfortable elastic band."
   – Alexandra L.

"I absolutely love the terry cloth inside of my G Cap, it keeps my hair 100% dry and soft!"

   – Lauren E.


“I am in love with the G Cap shower cap! It’s so cute, soft and comfortable. Vintage but with a modern twist! I’m hooked.”

   – Danielle F.

“Obsessed!! Have tried so many shower caps and many do not cover my whole head. The G Cap is large and comfortable. Will be purchasing many more for the holidays as it’s the perfect gift.”

   – Stephanie S.

"Its the best shower cap I ever used, she loves it! The hair around the hairline didn't get frizzy at all!"

   – Suzanne W.

"I love this shower cap! It's the best thing to keep my blowouts looking fresh and new right out of the shower."

   – Billie M.

"This is the first shower cap I've purchased that fits all my hair inside! love it!”

   – Carol C.

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